PRESIDENT - Rick Cuéllar's mission is to launch a full time video production industry of high quality original programs centered around non-stereotypical Hispanic characters, as "Hollywood" typically does not focus on creating programs centered around Hispanics as mainstream Americans. Pursuing his mission has taken him to a path where he has become a pioneer of on-line video productions. His vision is to create momentum in San Antonio to provide long term career opportunities for aspiring talent and crew in Texas.

He sacrificed a very successful career in the corporate world and has "has put his money and time where his mouth is"  to pursue his vision by launching his production company El Mundo Productions, LLC and their internal talent division, New Media Talent.  In Phase one of the master plan, he  created, wrote and, produced the trailer for Alamo Heights S.A, a dramatic soap opera. 

In 2006, Phase II, a group of investors from Houston jumped on board to produce a pilot which made history the same year by being the first telenovela type dramatic soap opera created for the Internet in English and Spanish simultaneously using bilingual talent, the first soap opera featuring a wealthy All American family of Hispanic descent and the first to cross over to television. The pilot consisted of 12 English and 12 Spanish episodes. eme is in pursuit of funding to develop a year round series of Alamo Heights SA, and has attached two EMMY award wining writers to the project.

Under eme, Rick continues to pursue his mission of creating full time jobs in the entertainment industry in Texas by continuing to develop and produce original content for Internet and television distribution. Aside from Alamo Heights SA, eme currently has several original shows under development including Pageant Girls, International Fame, Vampira, and Mr & Ms Sexy USA as well as a few stage productions.

On top of his busy schedule, he is also currently working for City Councilman David Medina of San Antonio and has been appointed to serve on the prestigious Cultural Arts Board of San Antonio.


VICE-PRESIDENT PRODUCTION - Carlos Villarreal experience lies both in front of the Camera and behind the scenes.  His career has taken him to be a featured reporter at Telemundo, morning talk host show for Radio Digital 104.1 and as the production director for Azteca TV.


CHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICER - Senator Carlos I. Uresti is an alumni of St. Mary's University School of Law and maintains a private legal practice in San Antonio. Senator Uresti served in the House for nine years and is currently serving in the State Senate since 1997. He is a Senior Vice President of United Title. As a member of the Texas House, Senator Uresti has  worked diligently on economic development including the Toyota plant, Brooks City-Base, and the Texas A&M campus in South San Antonio.


PRODUCER - Glenn Brown grew up in a small town in the Northeast. After high school he moved  to New York City where he worked as a part time model and announcer while he studied to become an actor working  with Eric Loeb ,Sally Johnson Studios and Lorraine Serrabian. 

 As he became more involved in the television and film industry he started interning behind the scenes and found that he really had a knack for  production and writing.  

He realized that he enjoyed being behind the camera as much as in front of it.  While working as an actor on an assignment in Texas, he met the creator and Executive Producer of Alamo Heights SA, and was offered an opportunity to stay in Texas a longer period of time to get involved in producing the first bilingual soap opera created for the internet which crossed over to television.

Glenn is currently working on a couple of projects in development in NYC and Rhode Island.


WRITER - Eleanor Labine  is a five-time nominee. She has written for CBS’s “Guiding Light,” and ABC’s “General Hospital,” “One Life to Live” and “Ryan’s Hope.” She also has been nominated for the Writers Guild of America Award 11 times and has nine wins.

WRITER - EMMY award winner, Matt Labine has written for ABC’s “General Hospital,” “One life to Live” and “Ryan’s Hope.”  He has been nominated six times for the Writers Guild of America Award and has four wins.  



DIRECTOR - Roy Steinberg is a producer and member of the directing team at NBC’s “Days of Our Lives.”  His credits include CBS’s “Guiding Light,” ABC’s “One Life to Live,” and a pilot for Bravo called “Scandalous Art” with Maury Povitch.  

DIRECTOR - Jesse Borrego is a well known actor best known for his starring role in the 80's hit series "Fame" and has a cult following from his work in Blood In Blood Out.  He continues to make guest star appearances in numerous films and television programs such as Con Air, Married with Children, 24 and Dexter and has also starred and directed various independent films throughout his career.